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Lavender Phanes

Rose Quartz Roller

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Noise Free Rose Quartz Roller:

This facial roller is professionally designed with noise-free silencers that are integrated into this zinc alloy frame in order to ensure smooth & rust-free use. Our rose quartz face massager won't squeak or wear, which gives you a much longer-lasting & reliable skincare accessory.

Natural Rose Quartz Beads:
Our Rose Quartz Roller has effective cooling properties, which helps tighten pores, plump up fine wrinkles, fine lines, & even promote extra blood circulation! This cooling effect works to strengthen and tighten the skin over time by promoting lymphatic drainage of the surrounding area of the skin.

How To:

1. Before using, make sure that skin & roller are cleansed.
2. There are two ways to go about starting your rolling process. Once the face is fully cleansed & dry you can begin. Alternatively, add a few drops of skin serum to face before rolling for easier use & improved absorption.
3. Start rolling from the centre of the face, around the eyes & cheekbones. Use short gentle strokes moving towards the outside of the face and stop at the hairline.
4. Progress down towards the jaw & chin area.
5. Roll in & out above the eyebrows & across the forehead. Make sure to use the smaller roller around the eyes for extra care.

Use With Face Creams & Serums

This natural stone face roller can be used either by itself or combined with natural skin serums & toners. Using a combination of products such as these organic skin moisturizers will help promote quicker & more effective absorption.

Extra info

Face Massager & Skin Tightener:
Calms inflammation & reduces puffiness in the face and neck areas. This cooling facial roller helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, such as dark circles around the eyes or spots around the face.

Freshens Up Skin & Facial Muscles:
This product helps remove toxins underneath the skin. It strengthens facial muscles minimizes spots around the chin & jawline, as well as helps increase oxygen levels in the body's bloodstream.

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